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Items produced by Sampson Mordan, from Silver pencils to vesta cases, menu holders, cigarette cases and much more.

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Items currently on sale, mainly silver and gold items covering all price ranges.

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Old S. Mordan and Co adverts, with both images and text detailing their products.



Old S. Mordan and Co patents from 1822 to 1936. PDF's and Word documents of the actual patents with images and descriptions.

Old Mordan advertisements and notices

Advertisements ranging from 1828 to 1853 detailing S. Mordan and Co products, also magazine and newspaper announcements made by the company giving information to customers or traders.
There is a foreword before each advertisement which gives details of the book, magazine or newspaper in which it was published, the date if available, the page number and a very brief header or description.

Tip: When reading the advertisements use the mouse scroll wheel/button when over the advert or left click on the actual advert and drag up or down to read more. The right hand sidebars are a bit sensitive and it is easy to skip several pages and miss the article in question when using them. If the page is refreshed it resets all of the advertisements in to the original positions.
Each advertisement can be magnified or reduced in size and pages can be advanced individually by using the relevant buttons at the top of each advertisement. Each advertisement can also be searched for specific words by using the search box. 

Foreign Review No.1 January 1828
Literary Advertising list, bottom of page 31

Mordan's Pencils
A warning to Merchants trading in Europe, East Indies, America, etc about a spurious article made for sale in Foreign Countries



Pigot and Co's national commercial directory for 1828 -1829

pages 1217 and 1218
S. Mordan & Co's patent ever-pointed pencils, portable quill pens and silver holders.



The London Literary Gazette and Journal of Belles Lettres, Art's, Sciences etc 
No. 625  Saturday Jan 10 1829

Advertisements, left hand column page 30

Caution to the Nobility and Gentry
Those that wish to obtain the genuine black lead for S. Mordan and Co's patent ever-pointed pencil, will please to observe.



The Edinburgh Review oCritical Journal  for  March - June 1831

page 595 and 596

Mordan & Co Patentees of the ever-pointed pencil.
Warning to public about spurious pencils and leads. Advertisements for cedar pencils and locks.



The Harmonicon Advertisements November 1831

left hand column
To Artists, Architects and Draughtsmen.


The Harmonicon 
Advertisements January 1832

bottom of right hand column
To Detect Fraud.



Arcana of Science and Art
 or An annual register of useful inventions and improvements, discoveries and new facts. 1832

bottom of page 69 - 70
Details of Sampson Mordan and William Brockedon oblique steel pen.



Mechanics Magazine dated April 1 - October 1, 1832

bottom of page 138 - 140
Mordan and Co's patent oblique pen.
Letter written by WM Baddeley singing praises of the pens, with a reply from the editor of Mechanics Magazine.



The Edinburgh Review or Critical Journal April 1835

page 283 and 284
Look to your locks, an exposure of the system pursued by the vendor of locks.



Narrative of A Voyage around the World 1835

page 363 and 364
Articles of great utility 
Manufactured by S. Mordan and Co, pens, pencils, inkstands, scent bottles and locks.



Mechanics Magazine dated April 9 Sept 4 1836

page 154 - 157
Mordan and Co's patent triple pointed pen.
Letter written to explain how Mordan became the patent holder for this item that was invented by somebody else.



The London Literary Gazette and Journal of Belles Lettres, Art's, Sciences etc No.1043  Saturday Jan 14 1837

Advertisements left hand column page 29
To The Trade
S. Mordan and Co beg to call the attention of the Trade to the following articles of their manufacture.



The Spectator 1837 Volume 10. A weekly Journal of News, Politics, Literature and Science

left hand column page 1246
Important to Chemists , Perfumers, Glass manufacturers etc
S. Mordan and Co beg to inform the trade and public that they have made a very great improvement  in conical glass stoppering.



The Mechanics Magazine dated April 8th - September 30th, 1837

bottom of right hand column page 32

Notes and Notices
Invention of the ever-pointed pencil. It is not generally known that Mr John Isaac Hawkins, Civil Engineer invented that useful and now well known pocket appendage.
The right of making which was purchased from him by Gabriel Riddle and Sampson Mordan under the well known firm of S. Mordan and Co.




Pigot and Co's national commercial directory of the whole of Scotland and of the Isle of Man August 1837 

pages 219
G. Riddle returns thanks for the liberal encouragement he has hitherto received under his late firm, (S. Mordan & Co)



Freeling's Grand Junction Railway Companion

Advertisements page 8 
S. Mordan and Co beg to call the attention of the public to the following articles of  their manufacture



The Art Journal Volume 2 March 1840

bottom of left hand column page 46
Caution by S. Mordan and Co - To prevent much inconvenience and vexation



Mechanics Magazine Volume 34 1841

page 191

List of designs registered between January 26th and February 24th
Date of Registration       Number on Register           Registered proprietors name            Subject of design                     Time for which protection is granted
Jan 19th 1841                         609                                   S. Mordan and Co                   Postage Damper                                        3 years




Quarterly Literary
Advertiser May 1843

page 406 and 407
Patent and other new inventions manufactured by S. Mordan and Co Patentees, London



Post Office directory of the Borough of Southampton and the neighbourhood 1843

page 237 and 238
Patent and other new inventions manufactured by S. Mordan and Co Patentees, London





Mechanics Magazine 1848 Volume 48

page 142
Weekly list of designs for articles of utility registered

Date of Registration       Number on Register          Proprietors name                          Address                            Subject of design     
Jan 29th 1848                         1336                      S. Mordan and Co                 City Road London                Combined letter and stamping press
Jan 29th 1848                         1337                      S. Mordan and Co                 City Road London                Label-Damper



Great Exhibition of the works of industry of all Nations 1851

bottom left hand column of page 291
Mordan, Sampson & Co, City Road - Manufacturers



The Journal of The Society of Arts  Volume 1 from November 26 1852 to Nonember 11th 1853

Page 253 - 256
Discussion about S. Mordan and Co locks at the Society of Arts Seventeenth Ordinary meeting that was held on Wednesday April 20th 1853



All the above advertisements and notices courtesy of Google Books