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Mordan Items

Items produced by Sampson Mordan, from Silver pencils to vesta cases, menu holders, cigarette cases and much more.

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On Sale

Items currently on sale, mainly silver and gold items covering all price ranges.

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Old S. Mordan and Co adverts, with both images and text detailing their products.



Old S. Mordan and Co patents from 1822 to 1936. PDF's and Word documents of the actual patents with images and descriptions.

This should really be labelled About Me, as I am an individual rather than a company or part of a team. Neither this website or I have any connection or association whatsoever with the company of S. Mordan and Co Ltd. I am in the process of building this my first website basically as a project for myself to see if can do it and how it turns out. As an admirer and collector of Mordan items, I thought it was a good subject to pick for my first website. 

This is early days for this site and I am learning as I go along. Please drop by from time to time to see how things are progressing. In time I hope to have a lot of content on the site detailing the history of Sampson Mordan and his company from 1822 to 1941 along with examples of his work and information on the different items they made, propelling pencils, vesta and cigarette cases, menu holders etc etc etc. I will also be adding a section about patents the company filed, and old advertisements. I also hope to add a forum at some point so people can show off their own collections, give and ask advice, tips on sourcing, cleaning, repairing identifying and so on. 

I would like this site to become a kind of Mordan collector's club, where like minded enthusiasts can regularly meet online to discuss their passion for collecting, So please feel free to contact me with any ideas, requests or criticisms to do with the site.